More than 50 people dead in Damascus

More than 50 people were killed on Wednesday when a string of car bombs devastated a government-held suburb of Damascus in one of the bloodiest attacks to hit the Syrian capital since the civil war began.

Up to four bombs targeted Jaramana, a largely loyalist town on the outskirts of Damascus that has played host to thousands of refugees and the families of government officials that have fled from other war-torn districts.

The blasts ripped through a central square near a petrol station early in the morning as residents were making their way to work.

“After the first explosion, people rushed to help the injured and then the second bomb went off, said Ismail Zlaiaa, 54, who lives in the neighbourhood. “It is an area packed with rush-hour passengers. God will not forgive the criminal perpetrators.”

Videos of the aftermath showed the remains of soot-covered buildings along a narrow street where the impact of the blast had brought many of the walls down on to cars below.

Syrian state television showed grisly footage of body parts strewn around and blood-splattered buildings.


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