David Cameron warns Assad that no options are off the table

PM warns nothing is off the table when considering action to protect civilians and accelerate transition from Assad regime.

David Cameron has indicated Britain is ready to step up its support for the Syrian opposition and warned that “nothing is off the table” in the effort to speed the transition of power in the Middle Eastern country.

The prime minister was speaking at the end of a European Council summit at which EU leaders agreed to look at all options for action to support a democratic future for Syria.

He said the EU and the UK should be doing everything they can to protect civilians and to help accelerate the transition from the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Cameron said: “I want a very clear message to go out to President Assad that nothing is off the table … I want us to work with that opposition, to help shape that opposition, to advise and work with that opposition, so that we can see the speediest possible transition in Syria.

“It is a very difficult situation … we have to understand all the complexities. But as a European Union and as a country – Britain – we should be doing everything we can to help speed up that transition and work towards … a future for Syria that is democratic and inclusive, with full support for human rights and the rights of minorities.”

Source: guardian.co.uk